Your Path to Powerful, Profitable Thinking

You’ll get non-stop immersion in a world of profitability and positivity with the all-star speaker line up we’ve assembled for the third annual L.E.A.D. Spa and Wellness Conference.

As we kick things off with our crowd-pleasing Master of Ceremonies, Michelle Ferreri, you’ll soon find yourself believing everything is possible, in your life and your business, and then you’ll meet the eight expert speakers and guides who will give you the tools to make it happen.

Fill your schedule with Facebook Ads

Have you ever been disappointed with Facebook ads? Learn how to get results from Facebook advertising from someone who knows how to crack the code for the spa and salon market. Expert Facebook Ads consultant Marie Stevens began in the lash extension and bridal make up industries before transitioning into the marketing side. A self-described “total nerd” with numbers, her obsession is helping you level up your business without overwhelm and stress.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • How to create effective Local Awareness campaign
  • How to use ads to promote upcoming events, sales and “offer” ads
  • How to analyze and improve ad campaigns

Marie Stevens

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Small Business Bookkeeping and Income Taxes – Everything the CRA doesn’t want you to know

Paying your share without paying a penny more than you have to is the core of Shaelene’s powerful presentation. Since leaving the corporate world 15 years ago, Shaelene has specialized in empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to be in total control of their money.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • How to smooth out the ups-and-downs of seasonal cash flow
  • How to plan for equipment upgrades
  • What you can and cannot claim for your business,
  • How to track expenses to know how much you’re spending on supplies and services, and never miss tax write-offs
  • How to avoid CRA red flags.

Shaelene McInnis

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Beyond Selfies & Sweet Deals: How To Use Social Media To Build A Loyal Clientele And Endless Referrals

Tamika’s personal tale of triumph will inspire as she teaches you how to banish the confusion and turn your social media into a profit centre. After a layoff, a baby, and an epiphany nearly a decade ago, Tamika Auwai left the corporate world and hasn’t looked back… even after a failed first business left her young family with a year’s salary worth of debt.

As the CEO of Orisha Creative she oversees a full service, digital marketing agency serving million-dollar businesses in the personal growth and wellness industries. She has appeared on local and national television in Canada, and she’ll be gracing our conference with a must-see interactive session that will get your social strategy working


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • The secret strategies to generating new and repeat business on Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to turn your daily social media “scroll time” into future bookings and sales
  • The ONE thing you need to do each month to keep your clients coming back…with their friends!

Run Your Own Race: How To Stand Out, Connect and Grow Your Business

If you feel you could be getting more out of your marketing and advertising, you’re probably right. It’s rare to see it done well, and the reason why is as true in business as it is at home: we follow along on what we see from others because we’re afraid to stand out.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • Stand out from your market competitors
  • Create original content, strategy, alignment & new streams of revenue
  • Increase connection, engagement and return on investment

Kevin Bulmer

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Protecting Yourself

Delightful might not be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the legal aspects of spa and medi-spa business, but that’s just what presenter lawyer Christine Laviolette promises it will be. Her presentation brings together her vast experiences in advocacy, legal advisory and dispute resolution services to health care organisations, including wellness practitioners and spas. Using fascinating legal cases, she’ll help you understand your level of risk and leave you better prepared to deal with it.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • What legal risks you’re vulnerable to
  • Potential pitfalls to prepare for
  • How to avoid lawsuits

Christine Laviolette

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Rights and Responsibilities

When it comes to the legal aspects of health and wellness in Canada, there are few experts who can hold a candle to Lydia Wakulowsky. She is one of only 20 Certified Specialists in Health Law in Canada, and a Partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. Because she is regularly called upon to provide advice on the Canadian legislative landscape for health regulatory matters and health privacy, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the most current and accurate information to guide your professional policies and protect your business and career.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • Rules for handling clients’personal health information
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a service provider
  • What you can and cannot provide and promise

Lydia Wakulowsky

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Movement for Success

Self-care is vital to success, but fitting it into your day and knowing what to do can be a challenge to many professionals. This session led by mind body movement expert Alaria Richie will give you the tools to combat lethargy, and incorporate movement into your daily life. Certified in Pilates, Viniyoga and Somatic Movement, she’ll help you learn how to rediscover your mind body connection to tap into better health.


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • Why movement is important for physical and mental health
  • Simple movements and exercises you can do
  • How to incorporate movement into your day

Alaria Ritchie

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Communication – Commitments for Success

Learn how to shut down defensiveness and avoid angry outbursts with this session from human resources specialist, Leona Wilson, CHRL CEBS CMS. In this session you’ll learn a framework to effective communication that you can apply immediately. You will leave with a 5-step plan for dealing with touchy topics and challenging people. Leona has dealt with the toughest of conversations in her 30+ year career and looks forward to sharing her 5-step plan and many tips with you!


At the end of this presentation you will know:

  • How to plan effective conversations
  • What steps to take to improve communications
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people

Leona Wilson

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